Passivhaus certification

Certification of buildings


Passive house buildings maintain pleasant indoor temperatures year round with extremely low energy demands. Such buildings require careful design, thorough planning and meticulous execution. The certification of a Passive House through the Passive House Institute or any of its accredited Building Certifiers offers enhanced quality assurance. The vast experience of these certifiers benefits designers throughout the planning process, whereas the certification itself provides evidence of the building's quality.


Benefits of building certification


The passive house is not a compulsory standard which is established by law or through ordinances; it is a standard which is complied with on a voluntary basis, and which is defined clearly and unambiguously.  The Passive House Institute has formulated criteria for passive houses for different building uses. These are only so-called “functional criteria”, i.e. instead of individually specifying constructional or technical details, it requires that overall planning is carried out with a professionally calculated energy balance, elaboration of the details and documentation of components. This ensures that the planned building actually does perform as it is expected to.

Benefits of certifying a planned passive house for the designer and building owner:


•The designer can draw on the knowledge gathered from decades of expertise by the qualified certifier, thus facilitating the planning process.

•In the process of certification, the designer receives valuable hints on how quality can be improved, and how solutions can be simplified and implemented in a better and more cost-effective way.

•With a certificate issued by the Passive House Institute, the building owner can be certain that his/her building finally does turn out to be a Passive House, and investment in higher quality components thus pays off.

•It often happens that the support provided by an experienced Passive House certifier results in a more economical building.